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Beautifully Fallen

Beautifully Fallen

She will be his ruin or he will be hers




Innocent. Curious. Naive.


I came to this world to experience all that it has to offer. The gracefulness and the beauty is what greets me. Soon I learn that all is just a shield for what is beneath the surface.


The more I learn the less I know. Everything I thought about mortals is wrong. It is filled with wonder and awe but it is also riddled with darkness and horror.


His eyes of red and his words of cruelty pull me in and the closer I get the less I want to leave. He has me craving virtue yet longing to sin.




Ruthless. Sadistic. Vicious.


With the world beneath me I have it all. Call me selfish but I want more. I crave more and I will take and take until nothing is left.


I thrive in the endless chaos and the constant fear feeds me. When an little miracle comes my way I will use her as I want and she shall bend to my will.


Her light has me intrigued and the amusement in her actions tears down the walls I spent years building. She will be my salvation or my ruin but either way she will be mine.

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