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My Novels

The Blind Mate


Being blind has been Amelia's reality from the moment that she was brought into this world and is all that she has ever known. Turning to all the bright sides of things, she does what she can to make every day worth it. Never knowing that meeting him would change her life forever. Not even Amelia knows in what way her life will turn into as none know what the future holds but she hopes that they will go through it together.


Elliott has never been all that kind in his life, self-centered and cocky many have called him and not to mention everything in between. Being the Alpha of a Werewolf Pack and the born leader he never has to face any difficulties in life. That is until he meets the wise girl who will change his life. Making the boy see that fairness in life does not exist. He faces great many things but loving her is not one of them.


Meeting each other they never knew that they were meant to be and yet both their hearts are in a trance, one that neither one of them wants to break free from.

Small Talks

She sits in a coffee shop every single day and watches the world through her eyes with tears running down her cheek, sadness inside her heart.


He sees a lonely woman sitting there when there is no other seat free and feels himself wanting to save her from the illness that is taking over her.


Love is a force that is just as mysterious as it is strong and the two of them find themselves falling in love with each other.


Stones of Gold or Bronze


The Southern Borderline of Savanna is a kingdom in a middle of a desert where the sun reigns. The kingdom ruled by the ruthless King Drakkon and his cruelty knows no bounds. When his birthday gift is a young girl he takes an interest in her and keeps her as his Slave to serve only him.


Amara's life as the King's Slave will be filled with mystery, murder and romance but she will also finds herself deep in the depths of a plot of assassination of the King. But she does begin to fall in love with him. The only problem is...


Amara is a Bronze Stone. King Drakkon is a Gold Stone.

The Dance of Eternity

Let me take you back to the year 1658 After a mysterious man appears in her life, Inanna's life goes upside down. Though she has always been the one that is mysterious because of her violet colored eyes and her ability to stay alive forever. Strange deaths and events that bring more questions than answers, Inanna has to question everything about the past in order to save the future. With her ever growing love for the mysterious Alaric, she has to piece together the clues right in front of her before it becomes too late.


Arranged #1

Deal With The Devil


A manipulative man and a broken woman bound by marriage but can they resist the attraction before the deal ends?


Fawn Thorne is a newly eighteen years old girl from a wealthy family, her life is nothing but a fairytale dream come true. She has her Prince Charming, friends that she can count on, and little siblings she adores. She has everything a princess could want. That is until her father's old gambling habits take over and the family fortune is lost, in his greed he makes a deal with the Devil.


Sebastian King is a ruthless businessman that rules the world, being the wealthiest man on the planet he's the most sought out bachelor. Not only known for his good looks, but also for his family name. He can have everything he wants with the snap of his fingers, and he's horrible and manipulative, known for his cruel ways. He offers a deal to a desperate man.

Arranged #2

Kneel Before The King

A Wicked King, strong hearted Princess, a killer plot to destroy and an enchanting romance 

Princess Cora is the sole heir and crown Princess to the throne of Eralidia and her life is perfect. It's all the things that most girls dream of. She has servants waiting for her hand and foot, she has the jewellery and the gowns unlike anything and she also has her mother's beauty and she's happy. Until that all changes when the kingdom's money fades away and they are left broke. Her family sees no other option than to forge an marriage agreement with a King.
King Cain is cruel and wicked who slaughters innocent people for pleasure. Despite his cold nature he does all he can to keep her close to him. She belongs to him and only him.


Includes Bonus Chapters of Cain´s P.O.V.


My Mate Is A Vampire King


Cruel Vampire King, a Brave Werewolf girl and an attraction of Mortal enemies

Valentina used to be the Alpha's daughter but her father died in combat with his Beta and now he's the Alpha. Her mother and herself are now the lowest rank of the Blackclaw Pack. The Alpha treats them like dirt and the rest of the Pack follows right behind him.


One night the Pack is attacked by Vampires and mostly everyone is captured while the rest is slaughtered. The ones captured will be sold as Blood Slaves to the Vampires. Valentina is one of those. She's taken to the market where she's going to be sold to the highest bidder.


Yet she would never have guessed that the highest bidder would her Mate. A blood sucking Vampire King.

Enough #1

I Wasn´t Enough

Lilliana has been through hell and made it back, but she didn't come back whole. She has been broken and now it is his job to mend her, or perhaps it is she that needs to do it with his support. Loving him, however, was another deal which she didn't count on but she can't resist that charming smile on his face nor the devilish eyes that have her captivated.


The Match




Beautiful, elegant & bewitching


Lost in the world of Ballet Lila is a Ballet prodigy with a heart of gold and beauty that brings men to their knees, and a haunting past not for the faint of hearts.




Ruthless, hot & charming


Trapped in a web of pain and anger Steel is a Boxer with a cold heart and a body many women desire to drop their panties for, yet he only has his eyes on one woman and one woman alone. Whom he would kill for.

One Night Stand With Prince Charming

A Shy girl, A Mysterious Boy and The Burning Passion


Beatrice 'Trish' Williams is the typical shy, bookworm, virgin girl. She's smart with straight A's and a bright future ahead of her. Wearing only sweatpants and hoodies, with big black glasses and her hair always down, she's the invisible girl in the college. But how does a girl like that find herself in a bed with Prince Charming?

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