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Deal With The Devil

Deal With The Devil

A manipulative man and a broken woman bound by marriage but can they resist the attraction before the deal ends?


Fawn Thorne is a newly eighteen years old girl from a wealthy family, her life is nothing but a fairytale dream come true. She has her Prince Charming, friends that she can count on, and little siblings she adores. She has everything a princess could want. That is until her father's old gambling habits take over and the family fortune is lost, in his greed he makes a deal with the Devil.


Sebastian King is a ruthless businessman that rules the world, being the wealthiest man on the planet he's the most sought out bachelor. Not only known for his good looks, but also for his family name. He can have everything he wants with the snap of his fingers, and he's horrible and manipulative, known for his cruel ways. He offers a deal to a desperate man.


His oldest daughter in exchange for money.


This Book Includes Bonus Chapters

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