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Kneel before the King

Kneel before the King

A Wicked King, strong hearted Princess, a killer plot to destroy and an enchanting romance 

 Princess Cora is the sole heir and crown Princess to the throne of Eralidia and her life is perfect. It's all the things that most girls dream of. She has servants waiting for her hand and foot, she has the jewellery and the gowns unlike anything and she also has her mother's beauty and she's happy. Until that all changes when the kingdom's money fades away and they are left broke. Her family sees no other option than to forge an marriage agreement with a King.
 King Cain is cruel and wicked who slaughters innocent people for pleasure. Despite his cold nature he does all he can to keep her close to him. She belongs to him and only him.


Includes Bonus Chapters of Cain´s P.O.V.

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