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The Blind Mate

The Blind Mate

Being blind has been Amelia's reality from the moment that she was brought into this world and is all that she has ever known. Turning to all the bright sides of things, she does what she can to make every day worth it. Never knowing that meeting him would change her life forever. Not even Amelia knows in what way her life will turn into as none know what the future holds but she hopes that they will go through it together.

Elliott has never been all that kind in his life, self-centered and cocky many have called him and not to mention everything in between. Being the Alpha of a Werewolf Pack and the born leader he never has to face any difficulties in life. That is until he meets the wise girl who will change his life. Making the boy see that fairness in life does not exist. He faces great many things but loving her is not one of them.


Meeting each other they never knew that they were meant to be and yet both their hearts are in a trance, one that neither one of them wants to break free from.

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